Research & development

At ATAIR, we combine vision, expertise and relentless testing to develop revolutionary parachute technology.

Our canopies are developed using specialized computer software for design and analysis of low speed airfoils and wings. The 3D wing shape is then transformed into 2D top and bottom panels and ribs. Using Advanced Technology AIR foil shaping methods, we can produce a parachute which has a desired airfoil shape not only at the ribs, but over the whole wing span.

We are permanently striving to be the leader of the BASE jumping world by developing the best BASE parachutes, working in cooperation with some of the best BASE jumpers in the world to ensure that our products are stringently produced and tested in order to improve their safety, handling and performance.

We are proud of our reputation for excellence and our standing in the industry. Our combined experience, knowledge and skills are manifested in every product we produce to provide you the assurance you need to take a jump with absolute confidence, every time.


Adrenalinbase design and produce BASE harness container, as well as BASE accessories. The perfect match for your Atair canopies. Jeannoel Itzstein, founder of Adrenalinbase, has +20 years of Base-jumping experience.

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Phoenix-Fly design, develop and produce state-of-the-art high performance wingsuits for skydiving and BASE-jumping. Robert Pecnik has a career of over 30 years in skydiving and has pushed human flying to the best the last 10 years.